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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

8 years later ....

Conch Shell, 8x8" oil on canvas

The studio is packed up - and waiting for its new location, which will begin next week.  So, I'm posting some of my history for the next few weeks until I'm back at work on new works!  
I started my blog, Brushstrokes, etc, 8 years ago this month!  That seems hard to believe!  
I had come across the painters who were making a painting a day and was intrigued.  My life was too busy (still is) to do a whole painting a day, but I knew I could paint every day and that's what I set out to do.  I also knew I would likely fail at my attempt to be disciplined if I wasn't in some way accountable - so my blog was born!  
This painting was one of the first I posted on my blog.  Its amazing to consider what all has happened in life and artistically during these last 8 years - children have flown the nest, married, a grandchild is on the way, I'm leaving the home where I've lived for 15 years and will be setting up home and studio in a new place.  I'm still teaching art at the public high school in my city - but the students have changed in many ways in the past 8 years!  And, I think, my work has continued to grow - which was the reason for becoming a daily artist! One of the other great benefits has been the opportunity to meet many fellow artists and art lovers all over the world through this blog!  So here's to 8 years... and many more to come! 

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Good luck with the move, Helen. This piece from 8 years ago is just as beautiful as your current work.

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