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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Abundance, 9x12" Oil on canvas
©2013 Helen Read

I named this painting Abundance because the scene from which I painted this was overflowing with blossoms and foliage and -- well, life!
As I looked over the pond in the foreground, the flowering trees seemed to cascade toward the water and then the rose color spread toward me.  All of it, even the scrubby parts of the shore were lovely.
It was as if the beauty and the life of the woodlands could not be contained! 

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Sara Paxton Artowrks said...


Some of your artworks are very impressive. I always love finding fellow oil painting artist online. Unfortunately not enough people share their work online which I think is a shame.

I have shared some of your work with my artist network. Good luck and feel free to check out some of my works as well. Always great connecting with other artist.

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