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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yet more progress!

More progress continues.   In fact most of the canvas is now covered!  I'm using acrylics and including interference paints.  This is still mostly the underpainting... additional work will be added. 
At this time, it is still unstretched.  I began it that way purposefully, but now am wondering why... and how I will attach it to a panel or stretch it.  I haven't decided yet -
but I think it needs that stability, being 30x 30". 

I don't entirely know where this is going, which makes its creation interesting - fun - and a little scary!  I'm letting it dictate to me while I work... I like the poetic colors that are coming together. 
I'll continue to post my progress!  


Art Collector's Corner said...

can't wait to see it done!

Helen Read said...

Thank you! It is coming along ... slowly. :)

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