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Monday, June 13, 2011

Repost - Rose

Rose,  8x8" graphite on clayboard
©2010, Helen Read 

Reposting today--- just finished a VERY busy month with school finishing up.  And today, I start a graduate class for a couple weeks.  Whoever thought teachers just sit around during the summer are sadly misinformed!  This summer will be very busy -- I'm taking 2 classes, developing a curriculum for the fall for a class I've never taught, working on some other curriculum plans for the fall, and then fitting in some travel to see family.  Of course ... I'll also be trying to incorporate studio time through all of this.    Well, I won't be "sitting around"!! 

1 comment:

Janice Skivington said...

Helen, beautiful spiraling lines and shapes here. I like it in black and white. Wonder what it would look like as a linocut print? or a lithograph, do you know how to make those? Hope that you have a wonderfully productive and creative summer.

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