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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer 2010 in the Studio - a retrospect

       Fall is here.  I can feel it in the air - its much cooler now, and the humidity is gone.  So, it seems a good time to look back and see what I accomplished this summer.   It might have been a lot more work, but balancing this with weeks out of town in various places of the country, and taking a graduate class, and spending important time with my family - this seems like a reasonable amount of work to have accomplished.    

     Now that fall is here, I hope to be able to work consistently - though it will be balanced with a full time job as a high school teacher, and staying busy with various things at my church, and friendships that have an important place in my life, and the daily-ness of life!   

1 comment:

silviawilliamspaintswatercolors said...

Helen,I like all your paintings very much. Your rose is so beautifully done. You are brave ti teacg and paint so well. I taught for many years and found it difficult to dedicate the proper time to art. Am now retired and having a great time.Keep up the good work. Silvia

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