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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Old Favorite - Old Tree

Old Tree, 8x8" Oil on canvas 
©2007, Helen Read 
(Private collection - Austin, TX) 

Just posting a few older ones as paint dries on some current works in my studio.  I really love the shady feel of this one.  It was sold very soon after painting it.  And now, it resides 1800 miles away from me!    But, it will always be a favorite  -  reminding me of the state where I was born and raised! 

Soon - new works will be featured here.  The semester is now underway, my summer travels are over,  and I'm working in my studio much more regularly again!   (:-))   I like that!   Check back soon! 

1 comment:

Margaret Bednar said...

Fabulous. Next to old homes, I love old trees!

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