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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some old favorites:

Daisies in Cobalt - 18 x 20" Oil on canvas (2004)

This painting came from a profusion of daisies growing in my garden - I love their fresh color, texture, and the shape of the bunch of them as they ended up in the bottle. There is no flower that speaks of summer (to me) more than daisies do! This one was one of those paintings that almost paints itself ... it just happened right throughout - and I didn't have to wrestle with what to do to make it happen! Sometimes, but certainly not always, it just falls together that way!

As to other work in my studio - things have been extremely busy here at the end of May and the end of our semester. Because of that - although I have finished and/or been at work on a commission and several other paintings this month - I have nothing new on the easel at the moment. I should have something new to post this week! Until then ... I'm putting forth some old favorites!

1 comment:

Gary Keimig said...

This painting really came out nice. Good work. Your post on Easter was a great post too.
God bless,

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