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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skyscape - nearly done!

Sky is deepened and given more color, foreground is still undeveloped.

Earliest version:

Sky is given its basic values and some color, foreground is very roughly estimated.

This begins some work I find intriguing - and I hope is the beginning of more work in this genre. Its kinda like a landscape, though doesn't focus much on land. Rather the sky is the main idea!

Having grown up in the Heart of Texas, (in the country) - the expansive vistas were a very formative part of my visual memory, vocabulary, and expression. The expanse of land played an important part - to this day, I place a high value on the idea of place and physical connection to the land. And the colors and abstractions that played across the skies on a nightly basis was so very elemental to my visual formation!

So, the idea of skyscapes has been in my imagination and on my mind for quite some time. This is a small rendition, but I imagine large paintings - where you almost feel as if its right there before you in its larger form.

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