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Thursday, January 22, 2009

White Amaryllis

copyright 2009, Helen Read
White Amaryllis, approx. 5x7" pen and ink (colored ink)
on paper

Still using the new ink pencils. This is a true pen and ink drawing - using micron pens. Then, added to it, I made additions of color with the ink pencils. I used a heavy watercolor paper for the ground. I like the effects of the washing of color, though it is easy to go too deep. I've also learned to apply the pencils to dry paper and then wash... if more needs to be applied - I need to wait till it dries.

Overall - the effect is similar to a botanical scientific rendering. I like what I got ... a very different outcome than using other painting materials! Its a little like comparing apples to oranges - one is not necessarily better - just different.


Thea said...

Thanks for all the comments Helen, see you are also very busy painting.
Love the cards..

Helen Read said...

Thank you, Thea! Glad you stopped by!

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