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Friday, September 5, 2008

This Free Painting has Found a Home in.......

Cockleshells, 5x5" Oil on Canvas

Conway, Arkansas!

The winner of my recent email subscription campaign will be receiving this small painting to hang in her Arkansas home! I, as the artist, am pleased to know it will hang on a wall where it will be enjoyed!

If you have not yet subscribed to my Google Group, it is easy to do ... and completely private! You will receive (approximately) weekly emails from me just letting you know the latest news from my studio - and giving you a peek into my latest art work! And, from time to time, I offer give aways as well!

Go to the right side of this blog and type your email address into the Google Group box! Voila, you will have joined our group! Its that easy!


Miss Sandy said...

Yeah! I am so glad Pam won, I will get visitation rights to see it! She will adore it!

Terry said...

Love your shells however I think that they are scallop shells as cockle shells are more rounded and do not have the flat ridge at one end

Helen Read said...

Oh...Terry, You might just be right! I'm no shell expert ~ being raised far inland. My brief research was, perhaps, insufficient! Glad you like them, though!
Thanks Sandy! Glad you'll get to enjoy them too, as I know you love sea shells! :)

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