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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Black Calla Study

Black Calla Study - approximately 5x7" - Watercolor/acrylic on paper

As I've mentioned, these last few weeks have been crazy! But, I'm coming back to reality and here is a small study I just completed. This flower - a black calla lily - (who knew they came in this color?) - is actually more in the dark purple tones. This was one of the flowers in the bridesmaid's bouquets in my son's wedding last weekend. [I could go on and on - it was held in beautiful S. Lake Tahoe ... so, hopefully, from photos I'll be doing some landscapes soon!]

I started this small study there - and finished it back at home. The water color paper - I don't know what kind it is :( - isn't the best paper. In fact, I don't like it very much at all! It works more like blotter paper - with everything soaking in immediately rather than sitting on the surface a little bit so it can be moved around. Also, the pigment seemed to want to soak in in splotches, so it took quite a bit of working with it to make it even. I know - I'm no help at all - (to you or to myself) since I don't know what kind of paper this is.

The composition changed a bit too. I started it as multiple flowers and decided to focus on one - and to emphasize the shape of it. Therefore, it is abstracted somewhat. Everything seemed to rotate around the central "eye". It is not a realistic representation - but rather something of an interpretation of the shape and movement of this flower!

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