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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The work continues:

Red Poppies on Gold - still in process
8x8" Oil on canvas w/gold leaf
(color differences between this image and the earlier image are due to digital photography - earlier - and
scanning this time. The color is redder and more vibrant than it appears here.)

I'm progressing on this small painting - and think that it is nearly finished. I see a few more areas that need a bit of alteration... and it needs to dry thoroughly. I think it will also be very important to varnish this painting before handling too much. It seems to me that the gold leaf creates a more delicate painting, with possibilities for chipping and peeling than just an oil on canvas painting. (You can tell, I'm learning and thinking as I go on this!)

The gold leaf is still visible, but toned down quite a bit - however, when viewed from an angle, still very clearly metallic. Also, this painting is a deep gallery wrap canvas, meaning the canvas extends around the sides by about 1.5". For this one, I've painted it around the sides, so that the poppies and stems and greenery continue. No need for framing with such a painting!
I hope by mid week to have its final version posted.

As I've mentioned before, I'm working on ideas for a series of paintings now - botanical/floral in theme... (which is something I've always been interested in) ... and with the Matthew 6 verse as its motivation, "Consider the lilies of the field....if God cares so wonderfully for them, will he also not care for you?" For me, this is such a central theme to my own life. I see how the hand of God has stretched over my circumstances and situations in a very personal way - to provide, to gift, to touch! I want to portray that through an image that is understandable and in some ways quite common - but painted in an uncommon way!


Barbara Pask said...

Your paintings with the gold leaf are really lovely. Once varnished do you think there's any possibility of the gold leaf coming off? Keep us posted. Thanks, Barb

Helen Read said...

Thanks Barbara, It is a little soon to tell, but I think varnish - if applied carefully - will be important for stability. I'll keep you posted!

Karen Appleton said...

Beautifully conceived and painted, can't wait to see more!

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