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Friday, May 2, 2008

4 small commissions

A closer view of 1 of the 4 shown below.

4 ~ 8" painted wooden bowls

It may seem as if things have been quiet here - not much going on ... the reality is, however, that I've been busy all week! I've been working on these 4 small commissions and 2 others, which aren't shown here. And ... it has been an extraordinarily busy week at work. This week we are putting together our 35th Annual Student Art Show at school ... the entire school library is closed down - cleared out except for the book stacks - peg board is installed - art work from several hundred students (matted and tagged) is hung - awards are presented - and finally, the whole thing needs to be supervised with several thousand students viewing it during the school day and then about 1,000 visitors in the evening (tonight) and the afternoon tomorrow...
whew... need I say more? It is heavy and physical work - but very worthwhile to see the students glow with pride over their exhibit. Of course, I am only 1 of 5 art teachers at our school - and we don't do this every year without a lot of student help ... but.... nevertheless, it is an exhausting week!

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