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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New materials in the studio

Still in process - Red Poppies
8x8" Oil on canvas with gold leaf

Here is a glimpse of something new I'm working with, experimenting with, learning about in my studio. You can see it to some extent, but the background is gold leafed and the poppies and green background are painted with oil. The whole thing is a complete experiment for me - I've heard about artists using gold leaf with oils - painting right on that surface ... but I've never tried it before. There isn't a whole lot of information available, so I'm following my own trail here. So far, I'm happy with the outcomes - and yet - I realize there may be a lot that I need to refine.

You may notice that the gold leaf isn't perfectly smooth... in fact, it is rather textured. This is because the under surface was rather textured. I wasn't sure if I'd like it with that bumpiness, but it seems to add an interesting dimension.

Well, I'll be posting the finished (or maybe nearly finished) painting in a few days. I hope to continue learning about this - and trying new ways of using this material. I have some ideas for where I'd like to go with this.... more on that later, though!


William F. Renzulli said...

What a neat idea! I look forward to seeing the finished painting.

It is fun to push the boundaries when it comes to non-traditional use of materials as well as non-traditional materials.

Debra J.Sepos said...

Smashing Helen! Very luminous!

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