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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Something to think about ~

Worship 4 - The Lord Speaks 9x12" Mixed media w/collage

What would it have looked like to be present at creation? What would the visual component of God's words look like? Ok, I know, I'm on controversial ground... there are some who doubt the beginning of our universe, world, environment, or even ourselves as an act of God. I know that. But, I believe differently. I believe it did happen as a creative, artistic act of God ... and though I can only imagine all the small details, scripture gives us some information about that event. And I'm completely intrigued!

There is a sense of poetry here - preceding God's act of creation, things were dark and formless and empty. But the Spirit of God was there - hovering, watching, perhaps planning. And then, as if in a burst of exuberance, element by element is introduced by the mere speaking of it. Great beauty. Great power. The finest detail. Shimmering, shining. And as the Artist surveyed his work, he pronounced it to be "very good". (Gen.1)

The book of Job gives a few other insights: The Lord says he laid the foundation of the earth, marked off its dimensions, set it on its footings, shut up the seas, and made the clouds its garments. He did this, very poetically, to the music of the morning stars and to the exclamation of the angels. (Job 38) Can you imagine what that would have been like?

This particular mixed media piece is my exploration of the explosion of creation - the dance of colors, of shape, of light, the suggestion of the "music" of the stars and angels, while God was calling all things into being. What a startling event! It is something to think about...and something that is too grand to ever fully grasp!

[Acrylic, oil pastel, turpenoid, transparent gesso, collaged paper, interference gold paint - many varied layers - on paper]


Sandy B. said...

Such beautiful thoughts, God's creativity leaves me breathless. I love the movement and the colors in your art piece. When I look at your work of art it expresses to me the formation and parting of the heavens and the seas, just beautiful.

Sandy B. said...


I you don't mind that I included your site on my mini tour and thank you for your kind comment.

Luciano Bove said...

Great art works! Bravo...

Photo Buffet said...

The colors and texture really work well in this one, Helen. I love how it leaves me thinking.

Found your blog via a link from Boyd's. You're a gifted artist.

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