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Thursday, September 27, 2007

First of Fall

Yellow Leaf, 3.75 x 5" Mixed media (watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil)

Yesterday was a "perfect day".... sparkling sunshine, about 70 degrees, low humidity... one of those rare days of the year, and I was inside all day long. When I got home, I took a walk to just be outside and enjoy the day for a few minutes. While walking, I almost stepped on this leaf - but I stopped and picked it up and looked at the beauty of it. (There is a lot of beauty at our feet that we often don't notice!) The color was so pure and bright, it had the most delicate white veining tinged in spring green, and yet the edges were beginning to show some small brown freckles. I brought it home with me and began a small composition - which featured an uncluttered focal point ~ the leaf!


Rosehaven Cottage said...

You have captured this leaf so beautifully yet simply. The contrast of the yellow against the background of berry red is really wonderful. Perfect for getting me into the fall spirit. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Chris said...

Beautiful autumn leaf! Nice work, I love when the seasons inspire us. :)

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