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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Win This Free Painting!

The Fledgling,
mini painting w/table top easel

Once again....
It's almost time for a little give away!  
Every few months, I have a little give away for my newsletter friends.  You'll find out all about it in my March newsletter, which will be sent in this coming week.  

If you already get my newsletter, you'll get the information soon - if you don't yet get my newsletter, it's super easy to sign up and here's a taste of what you'll be getting:
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  • articles I write having to do with the artist's life, inspiration, motivation, and technique 
  • and friendly conversation 

    It's all about giving you something special as one of my friends, enjoying art together, and staying connected.
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    Just fill in the form below and you'll be automatically added to my list. You'll get a thank you email with a gift from me to you - and you'll also get my next newsletter! 

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