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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Winter in the Midwest

Winter Twilight,  24x36" Oil on canvas 
©Helen Read 

Weather here in northern Illinois can be so changeable!  Today, the temperatures are in the middle 40s, which is more than 50˚ warmer than it was a week ago!!   Even though it's January, and we have snow on the ground, which melts and then falls again, I'm more than ready for spring.  I miss getting out to wander through God's beautiful creation.  I miss the inspiration it brings to my spirit and to my creativity.  

This painting, Winter Twilight, was begun in January during a winter warm up.  Because of it's size, it took a number of weeks to complete.  But, it reveals what our January weather often looks like - patches of snow, shades of browns and gray, bare branches and quiet water ~ and a lovely silence with only the occasional bird call.   An opportunity for reflection and forward thinking into the new year.  That's what I'm doing this January;  thinking forward into the new year!  I'm excited about what may come off my easel, and how I can connect and offer value to my friends!  May it be a productive and fun-filled year!  Cheers!! 

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