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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Completed Commission

Untitled, © 2017, Helen Read

This painting was commissioned as part of a series of paintings that will be used in the services and will hang at church.  The requirements were loosely given and it will relate to paintings around it. 
I decided to do this with a bit of abstraction behind the bird and let the bird remain more realistically presented. 
The painting which will be on the left of this one has a darker theme, and the one that will be on the right of this one, is bright and light-filled.  The tree connects to the paintings on the right and left and also below. 

This one measures 24" x 24" and is gallery wrapped - about 2" deep, painted around the sides. 
I used acrylic paint for all of it, and the edges of the bird where it is catching light from the source on the right have been given some iridescence to the paint. 
The use of many circles and dots portrays a sense of energy to the piece, and the bold use of color is also energetic and joyful.  I'm excited to see exactly how it will be used in the coming months. 
To see it in person (starting in mid-December) come by Wellspring Alliance Church in Wheaton.

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