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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Beautiful Mystery

Beautiful Mystery

Last week, on a visit to a nearby forest area, as the sun was sinking low in the west, it lit up the landscape with a beautiful mysterious golden light that also brought out the lavenders in the tree tops. 
It was indeed breath taking. 
And the watery reflections were another element made more mysterious by the light. 
I was able to capture it and make several thumbnail sketches. 

How can paint do justice to this beauty? 
How can paint capture the glory of golden light and its effects? 

Such moments are reminders that as artists we only attempt to interpret the glory of God's creation. 
He is the Master Artist. 

These are the first steps in the process of a new work, which I believe will be a diptych: 
1.  See the beauty and absorb it
2. Sketch it - trying to grasp its grandeur
3.  Find wonder and delight in observing and recording it

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