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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Developing the idea - working out the composition - starting the process

Painting a landscape - or any work of art - is truly a process.  
There are many preliminary steps in the creation of a painting - and there are many steps of just plain work to get it made.  All of it totals many hours of thinking, of applying one's knowledge, of working with pencil, of adjusting, and then - finally - working with brush and paint.

For several months now, this painting has been moving from concept to beginning stages.  I'd like to say its moved beyond beginning stages, but really ... it hasn't!  
Its large --  2'x3'.  And, it has taken a lot of thought, sketching, planning, and waiting for things to dry before I can move on.  I hope to have more finished soon, though I know this is one that will take time to complete.  

That's what I've been up to here - that, and some drawing.  All related to this painting!  

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