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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally Finished!

Separation, 22x30" Acrylic on canvas
©2013 Helen Read 

After some weeks of work, this painting is now finished. 
This is the second in a series of paintings I'm working on in my studio.  They are larger and consist of dots and circles. 
To see the first in this series, please click here.

In this painting, I'm exploring the idea of the first day of creation.  Genesis tells us that on this day, God separated light from dark.  To me this brings forth the idea of pulling light out of darkness, which is how earth's state is described prior to the start of God's work.
As I worked with this painting,  I began to wonder if this is where the spectrum of light was first established.  You can see that spectrum taking shape as the bands of darkness and light are being pulled apart. 
The use of small dots and circles, to me, evokes a sense of joy and delight - which I believe describes the heart of God as creation begins.  Color is also used to depict beauty.  The dynamic composition using swirls, suggests the enormous power and strength of a mysterious God who has the power to call light from dark. There is a sense of eternity suggested as well.  
And once again, if you look carefully, you will see the hint of drops of blood, which is a foreshadowing of the need for redemption that precedes all of creation.  Even before His creative work had started, God knew that He would redeem all of it - by His own sacrifice.  

My next abstract will explore the 2nd day of creation.  I hope to begin it soon.

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