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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Abstract in its final form

As yet, this painting is untitled, and it is the first of a "Picture Story" series that I have in mind.  I've included some of my process steps, too, below the final image above.  My inspiration for this is Genesis 1:1.  This verse speaks of the beginning of things - God created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was dark and formless and void.   And yet, even in its darkness and shapelessness, God had an intention for the planet he was creating.  His Spirit is hovering over it in anticipation of what will be. 

I created this piece with many (countless) small circles and dots.  It (of course) started with sketches.  Then a large circular, spiraling shape was added.  To me, this represents shapelessness - things were holding together, but without form.  In art, form speaks of 3 dimensions, while shape implies a flatness.  My interpretation of this is that at this point, our earth was a swirling arrangement of elements and did not resemble anything known.  I used dark colors and values, yet if you look deeply, you will still see the remnants of the spiral which is part of the under painting.

I chose to depict the idea of the Spirit of God in luminous colors... but also with dots and circles. 
These colors are mixed with metallic and iridescent paints to give a shimmering glow to the colors.  And, the way I've expressed the Spirit is with encircling, enfolding bands of green, blue and rose colors.  The Spirit of God is part of the Trinity, possessing the character of God - which includes Joy, Love, and Wisdom.  The circles and dots are joyful in appearance - and that is exactly how I imagine the heart of God as He hovered over - protectively watching, waiting with anticipation as creation would unfold.  Nothing was haphazard here - God had a wonderful intention for his creation.  And yet, even at this earliest point - a time before time - as He looked forward with wisdom and knowledge, He also knew He would have to redeem his creation.  There is that hint within this painting.  If you look very closely, you will see small drops of red in the lower left third.  This represents the redeeming love of God, who would Himself become the means of our redemption. 

There is much to see in this painting - and even more to contemplate.  I hope that it speaks of something deeper than interesting shape,  texture and color.  I hope it's message speaks of beauty, yes, but also a sense of mystery as the viewer reflects upon its deeper story.


Nahin said...

Looking too nice and amazing snowy wood. This is really too good and great. Nice sharing. Like it very much.

Helen Read said...

Thank you so much, Nahin. thank you for stopping by my blog.

Clipping Path said...

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