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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tall Blooms - special offer for March!

Tall Blooms in Pink (Daisy Triptych), 24x8" overall, Oil on canvas
©Helen Read
simply framed.

In celebration of spring's return,  I am posting a triptych that I painted a few years back.  Its been on loan for awhile, but I'm featuring it for this month.  
This one celebrates the return of spring blooms, warmer weather, and new growth!  

Because this painting is actually 3 paintings creating 1 larger idea,  it is priced at $320.
However for this month of March, I'm offering it for
(Please add $20.00 shipping in US, IL residents please add 8.25% sales tax.)

Maybe this would bring some color and a smile to just the right wall in your house!   I would love to package it and send it off to you!  
There are several ways that you can purchase this beautiful painting:
1.  The Paypal button below will allow you to make an instant purchase using a credit card or your Paypal account. .
2.  If you'd prefer, you can make an instant payment by Chase Quick Pay (within the US).  Please email me, if this is the option you'd like to pursue.  Its very easy, and all you need is an email address.
3.  Out of country, you may use Paypal or a wire transfer.  Please email me, if you want to find out more about the wire transfer.


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Joel Silverman said...

Wow!!! What is it? Seeing awesome and artistic handicrafts. Really love it vary much. Thanks a lot for share.

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