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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A little preview .......

I know, I know...... I've been posting infrequently this month. 
Here's part of the reason why! 
I'm working on a larger painting - this one is about 30x22" - acrylic on canvas. 

It isn't done ~ but its getting closer!  
I'm looking at the first day of creation - as recorded in Genesis 1.  It says that on that day, God divided light from dark.   I wondered what that would look like - what happened at that time? 
I thought about the spectrum of light, which must have been born on that day. 
I envisioned the idea of light and dark being literally pulled apart, sorted out, boundaries between the two put into place.   Its an intriguing idea - one in which I have not fully explored as of yet - but am continuing to work out.  
This is done with acrylic, and it consists of hundreds and hundreds of small dots and circles. 
Its time consuming - but I hope to create the sense of the joy and delight of God as he created this earth and all that is in it. 

1 comment: said...

Helen, this painting is wonderful!

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