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Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 years ... and counting!

3 shell paintings from 5 years ago
The top 2 now live in Arkansas, the bottom one lives in California

It has occurred to me that my blog, Brushstrokes, etc. is now 5 years old!   Wow.... what an amazing 5 years it has been!   These 3 paintings were some of the earliest paintings I put here on my blog.  All 3 of them have sold and I got to meet wonderful people along the way as they did!  

Its pretty cool to look back and see the pathway one has traveled.  Looking forward, often, no pathway can be seen.   5 years ago, I became aware of the Painting a Day movement that had begun among artists.  I found that idea to be stunning and very inspiring.   And that was the first step on this particular part of the pathway.   The last 5 years have only been part of a bigger journey however, which you can read more about here at this link on my gallery blog.   Creating art in a meaningful way, being accountable to do that, and staying in touch with friends and making new ones through keeping a blog has been such delightful and sustaining endeavor!   Thank you for your continued  friendship for those I met and continue to interact with years ago, and thank you to those who are more recent friends.  

I look forward to seeing the pathway as it continues to unfold!  It will be fun to see how my work and ideas change as time goes by.   By reading my larger story, you will see that my path hasn't been easy or carefree.  There have been unforeseen obstacles, but God has been faithful!  And part of the goodness he's brought into my life through difficult times has been my connection with you through my art and my blog!    Thanks again!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Congratulations, Helen, on 5 years of blogging and on 5 years of overcoming obstacles by dint of faith. Love your earlier blogged pieces too.

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