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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's going on at school right now

Husky -  9x12" Graphite on paper 
©2012, Helen Read 

We have hit the point in the semester where my students are learning to do a shaded drawing in Drawing Class.  So here's my example of what we are doing.  They went to the computer lab and chose a photo (something up close and with good values).  It had to be a photo of a large enough file size.  Then they put it into photoshop and cropped it and resized it to be a full page in size.  That became their reference photo.  Then we put a 1" grid on it and they used the same sized grid on a piece of drawing paper. 
Using that grid, they learned to transfer their image square by square.  
And finally, after erasing the grid, they began to shade, learning to adjust their values and be accurate in even that part of the "transfer".   
Not only is it an exercise in drawing realistically, its also an exercise in learning to observe carefully, which really is the main ingredient in drawing well.
For 14 yr old - 18 yr old eyes, it takes a lot of concentration and diligence to pull this off!  
So far, they are doing a pretty good job!   I'm proud of them.  :) 


Janice Skivington said...

I have done this project with my high school class also. Because I want to cover some art history too, I gave them b&w close-ups of renaissance art famous faces. Venus, angel by Raphael, etc. They really struggled!

Helen Read said...

Yes, it is a big jump for most of them from a simple little line drawing to creating something that isn't linear but value based. Some of mine are really "getting it" and some are really struggling!

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