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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Front Garden ~ Featured Painting for March!

Featured Painting for March
(for the month of March only, then it returns to its usual price)

The Front Garden,  5x7" Oil on canvas 
©2012, Helen Read
Ready to Frame


There's something very intriguing about an older home nearly obscured by an overgrown setting.  This small painting depicts that mystery.    This was done as part of a Virtual Paint out challenge, where we are given a general location and then go by Google maps to find a "spot to paint".   
This is painted from a (virtual) location near St. Petersburg, Russia.  
As I looked at that area, I found this scene very intriguing and mysterious!  It seems like there should be a very interesting story to accompany it!  That's part of the mystery, I guess!  

Its available for the month of March at its Featured Painting Price of $30.00, plus shipping. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good rich color. And I hate to nitpick - I really do like the puddles in the road - but I can't help feeling that the composition would be stronger if the road curved back toward the house, so you couldn't see all the way down it, and that would lead the eye back to the house.
I still like it though.

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