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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Year in Review - abstracts

I've worked on several abstracts this year.   I continue to be intrigued by abstractions and how to make them compelling by simply using the elements and principles of design well.
These were fun to do, and while working on them, I feel like I learned a lot about my materials and how to use them. 

So this post is about the finished abstracts this year.
I am still working on a few that have not yet been finished. 
The top two are rather large - 22x15"  Both are acrylic on paper.
The third one is smaller, in fact, its roughly post card sized; also acrylic on paper
and the last one is a medium sized piece, and acrylic on rice paper that is mounted on foam core.

What intrigues me about these are the repetitive shapes and the somewhat poetic colors.  I hope to continue working out some of these ideas in the new year.


Sandy Maudlin said...

How wonderful to find your blog - and your abstracts are poetic as well as vibrant and full of movement! Have a blessed Christmas and keep painting!

Precious Worker said...

I just found your blog! I too am an art teacher of high school age. I love your abstract paintings, especially the first one. I could gaze at it for hours. What media is it? Do you teach your students to paint like this?
I'm also a Christian. Nice to meet a new sister!

Helen Read said...

Thank you so much! I really enjoy abstracts too. The top one is golden acrylic on 140# Arches watercolor paper. I believe I also used some interference paint in places too.
I have not taught my student to paint this way, and I don't currently teach a painting class. I think they could though - probably the older students. Abstraction is more difficult for them than it might seem. From my experience they are uncomfortable with something that doesn't represent something else...
I think that part of the brain hasn't fully developed until later teen years.
For me, however, it is fun and intriguing. Like a puzzle with color and shape ~ which needs to have overall appeal!

Precious Worker said...

I may be a bit ignorant but what are 'golden acrylic' and 'interference paint'??

How long did it take you to do the first one, and do you work at the painting non stop or just when youre not at work? Id better sign up for your newsletter, I think I would learn a lot.

For my kids re abstract, I do what is called "development 'work. I take them through stages so they end up with abstract having begun with a realistic picture.

Look forward to further blogging with you.

Dana Marie said...

These are just gorgeous! My favorite has to be the first's a WOW piece!

Happy Painting!

~ Dana Marie

Helen Read said...

Thank you, Dana Marie! They were a lot of fun to do! I really liked the first one too :)

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