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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More of 2011 in Review

Miscellaneous drawings and paintings of 2011
Scroll down for a look at abstracts and landscapes of 2011

Light and Reflections, 8 x 12" Colored pencil on black paper
House Wren, 6x6" Colored pencil on gray paper

Wren in Grass, 6x6" Acrylic on canvas 


Agave, 6x6" Acrylic on Clayboard 

The Edge of Shadow,  9x12" colored pencil on black paper 

Blossom,  8x8" colored pencil on clayboard 

Spiraling Leaf, 6x6" Graphite on Clayboard 

Winter Resident, 6x6" Oil on canvas 


Ship, 9x11" Pen and Ink on Paper 


Its been a busy year!   But not entirely busy with art.... I've continued to teach high school, full time and take a rather full load of graduate classes.   In between these things and keeping relationships alive with children, family and friends,  I paint!!   And, thankfully, I have sold more this year than in recent years with our slow economy.   Maybe this is a hopeful sign that recovery is on its way!?   I hope so.

As I look back over the year in terms of art, its been a good year - with new and different kinds of work, larger sizes for many of the works, and new ideas!  

Happy New Year!

May we enjoy the blessings of 2012 as we look back with gratitude on 2011.


Julie said...

Congratulations on all of your art sales! That is fantastic! Your art is very beautiful.

I've always dreamed of selling my art for a living but never pursued year is going to be different! I'm giving it a shot! =) Wish me luck!

Helen Read said...

Thanks, Julie. Best wishes to you and happy New Year!!

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