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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Nests - a set of old favorites

Nest Series:
top - Nest Eggs 9 x 12" Oil on canvas
bottom left - Empty Nest 1, 6x6" Oil on canvas
bottom right - Empty Nest 2, 6x6" Oil on canvas

This set of 3 is representative to me of my own 3 children - who populated my nest, now growing up and leaving the nest behind. Its an interesting passage as a parent. Not altogether easy... and yet, it is the way it should be. My nest has been very brightly occupied for many years - now that my kids are flying ~ for several a great distance from home ~ I am learning to appreciate the remembrances of their time under my roof!

I love them deeply - and am proud of their accomplishments and the way in which they are now contributing to the world in which we live! So, as a parent of an "empty-ish" nest, I am blessed by those old memories and also blessed by their new endeavors and will be blessed by the memories that are yet to be made!

Prints are available of the Nest Eggs painting,
please click here

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