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Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Work in Progress

Just in case you've been wondering - it has been a busy week this week - with a variety of things both in terms of opening contact with some area shops and stores, working on marketing plans, and a bunch of home/family things. But.... I have also been working on a larger landscape, for which I am happy with the progress.

This is a first view of the work in progress. It is much larger - 19 x 26" - so there is simply more canvas to cover. It may look familiar to you. I'm taking one of my recent oil pastel landscapes (small in size) and using it as a prototype for the larger oil version.

Above - you will see a toned canvas - toned in a light pinkish wash - and the beginning of the painting being put into place. Notice the strong values ... this is my goal - get a strong skeletal structure in place. It should make a rather interesting abstract shape in simple values - and then begin to give it definition as to what it is. I've also been very interested lately in creating a sense of atmosphere by the soft edges and value shift.

I'll keep you posted on its progress, so keep watching!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your article in Creativity-Portal: "The Burn of Creative Energy". Dealing with work, home and family and still makeing time to make art is something I struggle with also. Wolf Kahn is great, thanks for the link. Charlie Price.

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