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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Have a mint?

Peppermint, wrapped - approx 4 x 5" Colored Pencil on Black Drawing Paper

A small change of pace here. In my Drawing 1 classes - the students are currently working on a small candy still life for the end of the semester project. It occurred to me, as I was unwrapping dozens of peppermints for the small set ups I created for them, that I have never attempted to draw something in its cellophane wrapper. Thus, the concept. Of course, I've seen some spectacular paintings of similar objects. Well, anyway, I worked on this - on a smallish scrap of drawing paper - for several days as some of the students watched the progress. Here is the final result.

Colored pencil is a great medium. Its a little like drawing and a little like painting. I use Prismacolors because they are buttery soft and blend almost like paint. Even though my students are in a 1st Semester Drawing class, and it is at the end of the semester when we attempt this project, I do get some wonderful work from them using this brand of pencil and black paper. (Black paper or dark paper gives much richer results than white!)

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Anna said...

Helen, I had stop and think, and then I read the title, lol. You can see what caught my eye first, lol. Thanks I will take one, lol. Anna :)

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