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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A W.I.P. during a crazy week

Landscape - a work in progress

I've been working .... but in between 1,000 other intrusions in my week, it seems. All in all, its frustrating when I know what I'd like to be doing but definitely am not able to do much of it!
I'm hoping after today the week settles down a little and I can work in my studio with more focus.

Anyway - this is a little landscape in progress - about 10 x 12 inches or so (I haven't measured it yet, and its a canvas I made a LONG time ago!) The beauty of fall has finally come - very late this year - and the colors always beckon to me! I'm trying to push the colors a bit - and yet struggling not to have them become acidic. Well - I'll keep you posted!


Mildred said...

Hi Helen, I saw your comment on Miss Sandy's blog, Quill Cottage, and have loved looking through your blog tonight. I am Mildred - my mom is the subject of Miss Sandy's Nov. 5 blog! I get lost looking at all your beautiful items and will be back to see more. Have a great night.

Maria said...

Looks lovely already Helen! I wish we had the beautiful colours of fall here, but it's so different in Central Queensland, very dry & hot most of the year.
My Mum just came back from Long Island, NY & absolutely loves the trees & gardens there!

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