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Monday, November 17, 2008

Purple Lace

Purple Kale, 7.5 x 11" watercolor on paper

This beautiful plant, which seems the most beautiful in the fall, caught my eye. I wanted to show its abstract qualities and also its beautiful color. It is a watercolor on paper - and has a few areas of acrylic touched in to enhance its vibrant color.

For information on its availability, please click here.


Anonymous said...

Helen, The Purple Lace is so beautiful. I have never seen this plant. It must be something grown in your area and it is well named. As usual, thanks so much for your beautiful work. FR

Anna said...

Oh Helen this is beautiful, matches your blog background too. Anna :)

Miss Sandy said...

Helen, this is so textural, so pretty! I peeked to see what I had missed and the hollyhock brought tears to my eyes. My grandmother grew the most fantastic hollyhocks and I always associate that flower with her. That you for the beautiful visual reminder!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

megat said...

your blog very beautiful and more info ,make me excited. Congratulation!!

Helen Read said...

Thank you! FR, Anna, Sandy, and Megat! Your comments are much appreciated! :)

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