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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Multi-tasking week!

Pelican - Scratchboard - 8x10"

It has been a busy week - thus my poor posting this week. At the moment, paint is drying, so I'll be posting a new painting shortly. But I've also been working on a commission this week, and I've been experimenting a bit with some ideas I'm revisiting from several years back... a sort of mixed media endeavor with paint/mylar/and graphite. I hope to post some of those explorations soon.

In the meantime, this is a scratchboard drawing, done as an example for my students. Working with scratchboard is a lot of fun - although some types of board are much better than others! Also some styluses are much better than others. My favorite stylus is actually an exacto knife with a new blade. Once you allow yourself to think in the negative, the scratchboard drawing comes together much like other types of drawing.


indiaartist said...

Wow this is elegant. I didn'tknow about this. Would love to see some more scrachboards if you have any. Thanks.

Naquaiya said...

LOVELY work. I enjoyed it. This is my favorite medium too.

PetMono said...

hey helen,

have not seen you do this technique! very very nice!

Ben McLaughlin said...

nice pelican, and nice use of light and dark. I really like your composition too:)

Anna said...

Very nice scratchboard drawing, thanks for sharing, something really different, Anna :)

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