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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

metaphors ~

Empty Nest, 6x6" Oil on canvas

This painting is available by auction - please click here.

Yes, this represents something personal. As I contemplate the fact that my kids are growing up, it seemed rather appropriate to use a metaphor to explain it. Of course, the feelings that this place in life inspires are as tangled and interwoven as the nest itself... For awhile, it is not entirely empty - but without looking forward too far in time, it is easy to see that it will soon be empty indeed. What will that mean? Time will tell.


Anna said...

Helen, the house one day may feel empty when kids are gone, but they will be back to visit, I do that all the time to my parents, and now they are used to the freedom so much, that sometimes even when we are not there, they want some more break for us, figure, lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and this really neat painting. Anna :)

Maria said...

Hi Helen,
I'm going through the same thing at the moment. Both my boys have left the nest within a week of each other. Only 1 'chick' left (my daughter) who is not that far behind.
I'm happy for them, but a bit 'out of sorts' lately,

Lovely paintings :)

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Helen,

My little guy is only one but your note is another reminder to cherish every moment with the little one's (and big ones)..they really do grow so fast. What a great way to put some personal passion into your work, great concept here.
All the best to you.

No Rain said...

Lovely painting.

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