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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Some Student Work - Fall Drawing 1 Class

Every year I like to post some of the work my students
in High School are doing.  This is a Drawing 1 class at Wheaton North High Schoo - so though they may have had some background in drawing, it is not a background of instruction. 
Most of my students come to class first thing in the semester liking to draw but not really experienced.  

This work shows so well what students are capable of achieving in the first 10 weeks or so of class!   I'm proud of them - they have worked hard and it shows!  

These drawings are a small representation of student work where they've taken the instruction and really applied what we've learned in the unit on value and shading techniques.  
They picked their own subjects, transferred the images, and shaded with graphite. 

As a teacher, it's very exciting to see this kind of growth!

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