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Monday, February 6, 2017

Coffee Anyone?!

Last summer.... 

I was contacted by a design firm in San Francisco.  They were interested in the drawing you see above, Curvature. 
I did this colored pencil drawing about 6 years prior...and had sort of forgotten about it!
They thought it would be just right for a coffee company to use on their packaging -
was I interested in selling the rights to it's use? 

After some discussion, that's just what happened - and now, these months later, the bags have been printed.
You can see the background of the coffee bag is a how they used my work.  (And, I've been told that they are using the image on boxes too, but I haven't seen those yet)

It was only after our agreement that I found out it was Peet's Coffee that was the buyer! 
I couldn't be happier!  They also bought the original work. 

All of this came about rather unexpectedly, but most happily!
I think that's called Serendipity! 

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