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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Its been a week! Student Art Show

Every year around the first week in May, our high school puts on the student art exhibit.  As an art teacher, it is a lot of work!   Its a wonderful thing to do, and many of our students participate - but it is a demanding and exhausting week!   So, this was the week...   I tried to start counting the pieces we hung and/or displayed - and it just wasn't possible.  The small section I counted was 300 - and I estimate that was possibly 1/5 of the total - but that may be quite conservative...  I think its safe to say, over 1500 pieces were hung.  Monday morning, it all comes down again - till next May.    There won't really be much rest until graduation and finals are finished... in a few more weeks, but hopefully it won't be as exhausting as this week has been!  

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