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Friday, June 12, 2015

Arbor Path

Arbor Path, 16 x 12" Oil on canvas
© 2015 Helen Read 
Ready to frame 
(please add $20.00 shipping in the US, IL residents please add 8.25% sales tax)

Finally, this is complete.  Its taken awhile, as I had to finish this school semester and close up my classrooms in the middle of it's progress.  It has been a journey in some ways.  I've learned a lot along the way.  This one presented an intense amount of work with the color green, of which there are countless possibilities of this 1 color!   Also, it required working with the idea of shadows and sunlight and working with bright patches of sun and less bright light spots.

I continue to work on my understanding of landscapes and how to depict the beauty of God's creation with accuracy and also with a sense of poetry.   I learn something new with every painting I do.  I sense that there is always more to learn - that we, as artists, never learn everything there is to learn! 


CrimsonLeaves said...

Truly gorgeous, Helen. I love that you take time to notice the gift God has given us in nature. Not everyone does.

Helen Read said...

Thank you, Sherry. Yes, the beauty of nature is a wonderful gift! One that, artistically - or in any other way - I will never fully unwrap! It's mystery, it's "song" continually invites me in. That too is a mirror, so to speak, of the Nature of God!

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