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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Almost finished!

This week I've been working on a new landscape. (9x12" - oil on panel).  I've challenged myself to work with values within a color (mostly green).  The value range is  what makes for a more complete painting.  There are also other considerations, such as color temperature and edges that create atmospheric perspective. It's easy for the eye to be distracted by the color... It can even be deceptive to the artist as work progresses.   Within the many greens in this, there is also much gray.  I find that the longer I paint (now several decades of work), the more I know that I don't know! The more I need to learn!

So, this is not done.  I am pleased with some passages in it, but after some drying time I will make some adjustments. 

Below are some pictures of its progress: 

1 comment:

CrimsonLeaves said...

Super beautiful, Helen. I love seeing the in progress photos because they are a great learning tool! (This must mean I'm growing, at least a little bit because before I had little patience for them! LoL) That misty distant sunlight...sigh...

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