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Monday, March 16, 2015

Please do this! Its easy and free with great benefits!

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This week, I'll be sending out another email newsletter with  a special offer to my newsletter friends! Its easy to do - and your information is always kept private - It will never be shared! You don't need to worry about too many emails coming your way, either - I only have time to send about 1 per month! 
Click here for a quick sign up! 

As a list member, you'll get special offers and a rotating variety of other fun things that I don't offer anywhere else. You'll also be the first to find out about my newest adventures as an artist and instructor!  My email service keeps secures your info.  You won't be sent anything from anyone other than me!   Oh, and please let your friends know about my email list too!
I'm always looking to find new friends who love art!  


CrimsonLeaves said...

Done and done! Love the triptych!

Helen Read said...

Welcome! Thanks... I'll be sending a newsletter later this week!

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