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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Students' Work!

Being a high school art teacher can be long and tiring... often with little feed back from my students.  But this week, they showed some pretty solid progress in their drawing skills!  I'm proudly posting some of their works!

We spent a little time finding reference pictures, making a grid, transferring the image, and shading it realistically (pencil on paper).
This is from 2 of my Drawing 1 classes, and the improvement in their skills is rather exciting!  This is a sampling of my approximately 55 students in Drawing this semester. 

Well done!! I'm proud of you!! 

1 comment:

Jackie Hinton said...

Those are some really good drawings,I think, to be student
They are something to be proud of. Tell them to keep up
the good work and happy drawing.

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