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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Final Version is off the easel!

Structure I,  10.5 x 16.5" Acrylic on paper 
©2014 Helen Read 
After almost a month of many interruptions, this painting is finally complete.  It is an interpretation of a microscopic cross section of a plant.  I am always intrigued by what we can't really see when we look at something, but yet the mystery that lies within. 
This is what captivated my imagination with this painting... the beautiful structure, organized but also a little bit random. Amazing what lies below the surface... what we unknowingly pass by.  This, to me, is part of the beauty of creation, and it whispers something about the beauty of the Creator.  


Michelle said...

This is bee U ti FUL!!

Your abstracts make me like abstracts.

Helen Read said...

Thank you so much, Michelle!!

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