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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Pathways

New Pathways, 14x8" Acrylic on paper
(attached to foam core)
©2011, Helen Read 
Ready to frame 

I've been working with abstract ideas again.  This one uses the ideas of pathways and circles.  Color of course is very integral to this piece.  There is a structure to this piece which barely shows through behind the painting.     Abstracts continue to challenge me in so many ways.  There must be organization, though it may not at first appear that way.  The elements and principles of art must still be observed, or the piece is simply chaotic and without visual interest.   I always hope to have everything "working" harmoniously! 

1 comment:

Marie-Louise McHugh said...

Soothing and engaging at the same time. You say so much.

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