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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something New!! Silent Auction now through Oct 30, 2010

Hollyhock Stalks,  8x8" Oil on canvas
©2008, Helen Read 
Framing is optional - deep canvas is painted around the sides

Starting bid $20.00
 (Plus $12.00 shipping in the US, IL residents must add 8.25% to the final value for sales tax.)
 Here is how it works.  Email me your bid.   I will update the current bid everyday.  Check my blog or website daily where it will be easy to follow what the most current bid is.  Please update bidding in even dollar increments.  Bidding will be finished on 10/30/2010.  Payment will be accepted through Paypal and shipment will be made by USPS.  

Now is a great opportunity to own an original oil painting ~ a beautiful rendition of
an old fashioned flower - the hollyhock. 
Place your bid today!  Check back soon!

1 comment:

Gary Keimig said...

nice paitning Helen. Was looking through your pencil work. those are very nice.

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