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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Out of Context, 5x5" Oil on canvas
©2010, Helen Read

Well, I'm working on another idea here - and this is just one part of it. It occurred to me how great a metaphor puzzle pieces can be for things we don't quite grasp completely. Sometimes (Ok, well often, really) we only see a little bit of the whole picture. I always seem to want to find complete understanding by just looking at one or 2 little pieces .... They are pieces out of context and can't make sense until the process of those pieces falling into place has more time.

The same is true of just taking 1 little bit of scripture and trying to make it speak ~ most often, that 1 piece must be put into context with the whole in order to truly understand.

Artistically, I'm not sure this one is done - not sure about the background color - and what I may still need to do - - - so even this maybe is out of context! Like life, art is a process of putting things together, allowing things to unfold, and grasping the understanding of it all!

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