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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dried Flowers - What Remains, Fall botanical series

Dried Flowers - from the What Remains Series - 8x10" Oil on Canvas
©2009, Helen Read
Ready to frame

Please click here for information on the availability and pricing of this painting

This painting was a direct result of my observation this fall on the little things that remain after the leaves have fallen and winter is well on its way into our lives. Small blessings perhaps - and beauty in a different way than it presented itself earlier in the season. At one time, these flowers were colorful - but here they remain as paper white, thin remembrances ~ and with the bounty of berries that cling.


Flowers said...

Nice blog with nice picture of Dried Flowers - from the What Remains Series - 8x10" Oil on Canvas. Just curious to know the price of this artwork.

Debra J.Sepos said...

Helen, this is very nice! Happy Turkey Day!

lynnbridge said...

Helen, this painting is so beautifully naturalistic. Very appealing color choices, too.

Marina Petro said...


MaryK Broshear said...

I love how you treated the background, it helps the focus stay on the flowers, which you treated very well. Love the detail! Very nice!

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