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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tulip ~ still in progress

I haven't posted in a few days - but instead, I've been in my studio at work! Here is the continued progress on the larger painting I mentioned a couple posts ago. I need to measure, but I think this one is 28x28" (I made the canvas quite awhile back, and don't remember the size).

The idea here is to show the view of looking straight down into a newly opened tulip. The surprise that waits inside is absolutely beautiful. This one is taking on a Georgia O'Keeffe-esk look to it. What I love, when it happens, is that the painting begins to dictate to me what it needs. It often turns out very differently than how I had envisioned it at the start.

Well - more work is needed. I think I may need to amplify the inner stigma and stamens. I will probably glaze back the shadows so that they do not appear to be so completely purple. These thoughts struck me last evening as I was finishing up for the night. I haven't gone back to look again with new eyes today. I'll post more in the next few days; no doubt it will have evolved in some new ways that I don't yet foresee!


Chellesky said...

Awesome progress with your top view of the tulip Helen. Stunning work gf
I always love visiting your blog
You make simple subjects sublime.
Happy Painting hugs Chellesky

Karen Appleton said...

WOW! Love the large size Helen, and the view of looking down into the tulip. I so admire how you are always challenging yourself, and always coming up with different ways to express yourself. This giant tulip is just the lovely vision I need to get me through todays snow! :)

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